My LaserPecker Story - Meet Bryan | Charity Organizer


In the blog post, My LaserPecker Story, we'll invite users from all walks of life.

Today we're interviewing Bryan Kantor, owner of LaserPecker 1 pro, a charity organizer based in Canada.

Can you tell us more about your charity?

I run a charity called Niagara Cares ( that we set up this year. Our charity focuses on helping people in our community with issues such as mental health, addiction and homelessness. One of our main goals is to help connect volunteers with groups that are in need of help. We hold various fundraising events to raise money and we are currently organising new events to help when Covid-19 lockdown restrictions lift. Most of our volunteer work has been at a local out of the cold shelter as well as helping Working The Streets Niagara to sort and distribute any donations they receive.

That's so nice of you! Then how did you get to use LaserPecker?

I first learned about LaserPecker through Facebook and started to look into it a bit more. We were really interested in it because of the portability and it looked really easy to set up and use!

Then what happened after you get it?

I've been using the LaserPecker Pro as a way to help raise funds to support the charity work we do at Niagara Cares. We did personal photos engraving for birthday parties and Mother's Day. We thought it would be a great idea for them to remember loved ones.

We're glad it helped! What do you think of it so far?

I've found the product works great. There was a little bit of a learning curve but wasn’t difficult at all to figure out and was pretty easy. Once you get set up it’s a lot of fun to use. The Preview mode is fantastic. It really helps a lot when lining up photos for engraving.

They have all loved the work we’ve made. Especially seeing their photos put on to wood. Most of them have said it looks amazing. One memorial piece we made in particular for a friend was really special. She thought it was beautiful to have those memories to put in her home.

Sweet! What are your future plans then?

In the future, we want to continue doing personal photo engraving and other pieces for people in the Niagara region.

We have even ordered a second LaserPecker Pro to have as backup and help get more work done in a shorter amount of time.

Would you give some tips for anyone who's interested in your story?

Yes, I would. If they have any interest in making things and using a laser to engrave, I’d greatly encourage them to get a LaserPecker. Either it be for fun, hobby or even as an added source of income. And for anyone who might be interested in helping our charity, we would ask you to contact us on Facebook or via our website

Engraved pictures indeed make a great, lasting piece for generation memories. Thanks to Bryan, we'd never imagine before this would be so meaningful related to charity organizations.

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