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Today we're launching a new blog post column called My LaserPecker Story. Let's meet LaserPecker owners in our community and see what they make possible with LaserPecker. These stories may inspire you.

Denholm Munn, owner of LaserPecker 2, is a visual artist based in UK. He creates LGBTQ+ clothing from his home studio using laser etching and other methods.

We wanted to learn about his business, how he works with the materials and what changes LaserPecker brings to his life, so we had an interview for his LaserPecker story.

What inspired you to have your own fashion brand as an artist?

I love to create and fashion has been my outlet! Also if I can produce items that enable me to fund bigger, cool design projects, it's worth it! And it brings me joy when I see people wearing items I've created.

How did you get to start using laser ethcing method? And what's the difference between 3D printing and lasers for you?

Using laser etching allows me to take existing materials and quite easily, add my own design, transforming them into something new, where as 3D printing is a lot longer process. Both allow me to create my own design but with the laser, I can create items quick and easy!

When you check his website, you could find clothing pieces from neckerchiefs, caps, belts, or even full unique couture outfits. All designed, sewn and 3D Printed by him. Later then, he added laser etching to the pieces and packagings.

When did you start to use lasers?

Since my work involves a lot of hands-on work, a lot of designing, testing, changes and iterations before the final piece, being able to prototype a design quickly is really important and the LaserPecker is perfect for that.

I have been after I found LaserPecker from Kickstarter. My friend wanted one and wanted me to take his round so he can see it firsthand. Because has a lot of materials as an architect, I'm sure he'll have one soon!

I feel the packaging is one of the most important parts! It's the first thing they see and it sets an expectation for the quality of what's inside. LaserPecker allows me to create my packaging more efficiently!

What about the materials? Which works the best and how?

It works great on faux suede and leather. Better than expected! I can get super clean details engraved. The details are amazing! For long narrow designs it works amazingly and even smaller designs that fit within the shield.

I’m trying to be as sustainable as I can with my designs, so being able to etch into fabrics without the addition of extra materials (where I can) is important. These are prototypes of some designs that’ll be etched into a suede cap.

We noticed he also makes recycled business cards. Turning trash like pizza boxes and Amazon packaging into quality business cards.

How did LaserPecker help?

I was previously using a large format laser to cut my business cards, but the time it takes is so much longer and it was impractical, but with the LaserPecker I can get a business card done in roughly a minute or two!

If I have the LaserPecker with me and I’m meeting a client to discuss say a design over coffee and I have no more business cards, I can make them one right there and then!

And some of these business cards will go in a package with an order and the rest will be for networking and promotion of my brand.

Perhaps this is how he promoted his brand besides having a website. If you have your own business, you may learn from this. Making all the details unique by using sustainable materials and customized packaging, even business cards.

He also customized the birthday gift of a bottle of vodka for his friend. Lasered vodka makes it more unique.

Be sure to check out his design process and more story videos at Instagram @denholmmunn. "Let's get laser engraving!"

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