My LaserPecker Story - Meet Michael | Photographer & Business Owner

Today we're having Michael Atkinson from UK for My LaserPecker Story. He's a professional fashion photographer and started his business( after getting LaserPecker 1 pro. Let's see what he says.

What inspired you to have your own business as a photographer?

I have a varied background as a serial entrepreneur. The laser engraving business arose due to products I would buy as a photographer as gifts and offerings which I thought I could do myself and offer to other photographers and clients.

Then why did you choose LaserPecker for gift offering?

Having limited space to set up an engraving area, I needed something small, yet effective for my ideas and projects. I did some research online and found some social media groups that showed me there were a lot of desktop lasers that would have worked out but I needed something that could be packed away easily. That’s where the LaserPecker caught my eye.

And what about LaserPecker 1 Pro?

It was really the LaserPecker Pro’s portability, to be packed away and engrave ideas/projects that was one of the main reasons for choosing it. No other laser I’m aware of can be easily packed away and transported to a client site as easily as the LaserPecker Pro.

I was also amazed that it could be powered from a power bank as I didn’t need to worry about always having to find a power source or worry about cables.

Did it turn out to be as expected?

Yes! The LaserPecker app is easy and intuitive to use if you don’t try to over complicate what you want to do. For simple text/shapes and already designed images the process to start engraving is nice and quick.

The ability to see on screen the effects of each mode and adjustments with sliders makes fine adjustments easy. For more complex and bespoke designs, I use desktop and or other mobile design applications before transferring it to the LaserPecker app for processing and engraving. I love the size of the unit which helps create add-ons which I 3D print for it to help in my projects.

So how's your business and how did you find cutsomers?

My clients are very happy with the products and engravings I have produced and many, repeat orders and pass on additional clients through word of mouth. This happens a lot with my commercial and corporate clients.

Clients find it amazing that engravings can be done at their location rather than having to dismantle and or ship their products.

What's your future plans for your business?

Laser engraving has been a great craft to continue to build during the pandemic as a lot of work can be done either at the workshop or at the client site with little or no interaction. My aim is to increase my offerings but remain mobile so as to keep catching a special niche.

Would you give some tips for those who are interested in laser engravers?

The LaserPecker is a great small and portable engraving machine for those with little space as it can be easily packed away in it’s handy carry case.

For those wanting to start out who do not have much space or just want a small footprint it is a great machine to have. I would definitely recommend the LaserPecker 1 Pro to friends and family and for those wanting to get into engraving as a hobby or business.

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