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All You Need To Know About LaserPecker Mini Laser Engraver

We will be writing on the mini laser engraver and all that you need to know about the laser engraving machine. Laser engravers come and many types and shapes, however, you need to know a bit about all of the types of engraving machines so that you can select the best one from the lot that suits your needs. So without further ado, let’s start our review on all that you need to know about the mini laser engraving machine.

LaserPecker Engraver

  • LaserPecker Engraver Pro
    LaserPecker Engraver Pro
    LaserPecker Pro has built-in protections to ensure safe use; password lock, overheat shutdown,mothon detection, and it can engrave wood, leather, paper, acrylic
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  • LaserPecker L1
    LaserPecker L1
    LaserPecker L1 can engrave wood, leather, paper
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  • LaserPecker Accessories
    LaserPecker Accessories
    LaserPecker Accessories can be used for all LaserPecker engraver, L1& L1 Pro
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Plug & Play Anytime Anywhere

Plug & Play Anytime Anywhere

Set up the stand and power up LaserPecker Pro.
Connect LaserPecker Pro with LaserPecker app, choose or upload any pattern in-app and edit it with user-friendly controls
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Smart Control

Smart Control

In-App Editing Mode:Create any patterns and words, modify the pictures or photos to engrave
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Preview Mode

Preview Mode

Before engraving, LaserPecker Pro will first show the planned trajectory of the pattern by projecting a guide laser on the target surface. Users can easily adjust the size, position, and the rotation angle of the pattern based on the preview trajectory. Once satisfied with the pattern, just press the button to burn it in!
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