My LaserPecker Story - Meet Rianna & Calvin | Business Owner


If you want to start a laser business or make money from side hustle, our interview with Rianna & Calvin from Spain might give you some answers.

How did you get to start your own laser business?

We were backers of the Indiegogo campaign for the LaserPecker 1 Pro and saw it as a way to start a new business during the pandemic. We’ve always been interested in crafts but decided that the LaserPecker Pro could be a nice way to start something more professional.

We’ve been able to offer products that just wouldn’t be possible without a laser engraver. We have been busy with our normal jobs but are working continuously to get our website and online store ready or orders.

We have mainly spent quite a bit of time working on projects locally and putting together our products for our website ( that we plan to launch in summer.

What products you're working on made by LaserPecker?

We’ve been working on a range of different products from charcuterie boards to personalised items. We want to create higher end art pieces as part of our product line, so have been working on some techniques to make our engravings very special.

We have been working with some local businesses to provide things like coasters, business plates and chopping/charcuterie boards mainly.

What encourages you to keep running your business by the side?

Our customers have been delighted with the products we’ve made. Even the items we’ve made for friends and family have been well received. I think being able to give someone something that has been personalised shows a lot of thought and care.

What do you think about your LaserPecker 1 Pro?

Using it has been really easy. It really is very simple to set up. It does take a little time to perfect the settings for the materials you want to work on but our results have been fantastic.

You get professional finishes very easily. The ability to be able to work with any image is amazing. You can really tweak different settings to create different effects and the preview mode included is great for working out the layout on the product you are working on.


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