My LaserPecker Story - Meet Kristen | Etsy Store Owner


Is laser engraving project a good Etsy business? How should you run a business like this? Hope you could learn something from our today's blog post.

Kristen Terrell, owner of LaserPecker 1 and 2 who are based in US and runs an Etsy store( This blog post features our interview with her.

Can you tell us what inspired you to take laser engraving as your Etsy business?

I have been a crafting entrepreneur since I was a child. 7 years ago, I was a bit unique in that market as I merge clay and glass to make my pipes.

I am an artist who gets lots of joy out of seeing people appreciate my work but the markets where I can showcase my products were very limited. That, and with a wish to offer a different style of pipe.

I began looking into the possibility of a laser for glass etching. I actually bought two others before the LaserPecker.

I finally found and bought the LaserPecker Pro, and while it doesn’t do glass with the ease I had hoped, it has opened up a whole new realm of crafts and ideas.

What do you make and how do you run your business?

I make signs of all sorts. I’ve made coasters, keychains and much more. I even worked a deal with a couple of vendors at an event I go to weekly so that they can send their customers to me to have engravings on the products they buy from them.

I have added many laser engraved signs and other items both to my etsy store and my flea market booth. I can also now customize items while the customer is shopping.

I now have Instagram and TikTok showcasing time-lapsed videos of the burns. I find these relaxing to watch and hope others do too.

How do you like LaserPecker 1 Pro?

It’s so much easier than the other lasers I’ve tried. I was able to use it within minutes of opening it.

I have had very few problems and the great people on the LaserPecker Facebook group have been fantastic helping when it comes to problems or design queries.

My favorite is the ease in which I can take almost any black and white picture and engrave it.

There is a small learning process to get a quality product, and there are some tricks that can make the burn that much better but compared to the other lasers it is so much easier to use.

How's your business now? Do you enjoy it?

One set of coasters sent the recipient into tears of happiness! Most really like the products.

I enjoy making products that bring a smile and frequently hear laughs and giggles as people stop to read my signs.

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