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A Micro Laser Engraving Machine That Ordinary People Can Use


When it comes to lasers, there is an instant feeling of "high-end" and black technology. Yes, lasers are a cutting-edge technology, whether in the medical field, the military field, or the industrial field. For ordinary people, it is difficult to directly touch it on a daily basis. However, with the continuous development of modern technology, laser technology is also rapidly advancing in the direction of being portable and intelligent.


I. Understand the laser engraver machine


Laser engraver machine is a CNC equipment that uses laser to engrave. Laser engraver machine is a kind of laser equipment that can be used to engrave various materials, including non-metallic materials such as plastic, bamboo and wood. The laser engraver machine can make the engraved surface more round and smooth, and can greatly improve the engraving efficiency. The laser engraver machine like small laser printing machine can quickly reduce the surface temperature of the engraved object and avoid its deformation, and is used in many wide-ranging engraving fields.


In particular, the birth of the micro laser engraving machine allows everyone to control it at will with just a smartphone. Using the wood, bamboo, paper and other materials that can be seen everywhere around us, we can quickly carve our favorite text, graphics, and patterns into a "art", which can not only be used to display creativity, but also be used to make personalized gifts. others, express special thoughts. For many entrepreneurs who like engraving or niche, micro laser engraving machine is a very good helper. There are also many kinds of laser engraver machines on the market. With so many brands, how should we choose?



II. The choice of micro laser engraving machine


1. LaserPecker micro laser engraving machine . This smart handheld micro laser engraving machine is compact and easy to carry. It can easily engrave on various materials such as wood, paper, plastic, acrylic, cloth, fruit, etc. It can also cut and make three-dimensional models on felt cloth and environmental protection paper with a thickness of 0.2 to 0.5mm . Infrared laser intelligent ranging, automatic focusing, and items of different heights can be easily handled. It can also preview the square track to achieve precise positioning.


2. LaserPecker laser engraving machine PRO professional model . This micro laser engraving machine is also very small and exquisite, and it is mini foldable. The graphics operation can be customized through the mobile APP, which is simple and easy to use. The original 450nm blue laser source from Osram, Germany, has a service life of more than 10,000 years. It can be used for three years after working for nine hours a day. It can be used anywhere with a power bank. The appearance is high, there are a variety of colors to choose from, and it can easily cut through non-woven fabrics with a thickness of 2mm. By projecting the laser point trajectory on the surface of the engraved object, flexible positioning can be achieved, and the engraving range can be previewed.


3, LaserPecker2 laser engraver machine . Laserpecker has laser etch machine for sale. Using a 5W semiconductor laser with wider compatibility, common materials such as metal, wood, leather, plastic, food, etc. can be easily engraved, and it can also cut wood/paper/leather with a thickness of less than 5mm, making it easy to make DIY crafts. The integrated design and high-speed galvanometer technology solution can achieve 600mm/s fast engraving. The laser energy is focused by the compressed spot technology, and the spot is only 0.05MM, achieving 2K high-precision engraving effect. With the double-roller automatic rotation accessories, it can realize 360° rotation engraving on the cylinder. It can realize sliding engraving, and the engraving range can be extended to 100*2000mm. 12V6A customized mobile power supply can be used continuously for more than 4 hours after being fully charged, and the service life can be as long as 10,000 hours.


4. LaserPecker3 handheld laser engraver machine . It is specially used for metal and plastic marking. The whole machine weighs only 2.54KG. It can be directly engraved by hand and is not limited by the size and shape of the engraved object. Special customized optical crystal, using 1064nm pulsed laser with better compatibility, supports engraving more kinds of metals, plastics and other materials, and the engraving effect is better. Support personalized engraving to meet different customization needs such as studio DIY/gift customization/batch engraving/store custom jewelry marking/product identification.



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