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10 Laser Engraved Valentine's Day Gift Ideas


10 Laser Engraved Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and now it's the perfect time to prepare gifts for your significant other, your best friends, your kids, or anyone else. Valentine's Day is the time to show the special people in your life how much you appreciate them, which is why a customized gift makes a difference. A personalized gift can not only make unforgettable memories for your loved ones, but also it can show how much you love them.

Here, we share some unique Valentine's Day gift ideas, from engraved photograph lighters to personalized necklaces, all of which will make your loved ones feel surprised and special.

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Make Personalized Gift With LaserPecker 3

1) Engraved Photograph Lighters

Using the LaserPecker 3, you can engrave your happiest moments onto normal metal or stainless steel lighters.

The key to good photo-engravings is all in the initial edit of the photo. Editing the photo before uploading it to the LP3 app is important; if not, the engraving could lose detail and contrast. The first step is to change the photo to a black and white photograph and then increase the sharpness as well as the shadows and highlights. Keep adjusting them until you get a well-contrasted yet highlighted black-and-white photo. The below video is the detailed tutorial about how to engrave photos with LaserPecker 3.

For LaserPecker 3, we recommend using the settings: resolution-4k, power-100%, depth-60%, pass-1.

Lighters are generally easily available online or in your local hardware shop and are sold without lighter fluid. You can always purchase the lighter fluid separately. If shipping, it’s best to remind the buyer that the light doesn’t come with any fluid.

2) Our First Valentine’s Heart Keyring

Using the LaserPecker 3, you can engrave any special message, (including handwritten messages) onto stainless steel and other types of metal. Personalized heart keyrings are not only perfect for your keys but are also great accessories to add to your: luggage, wallets, purses, and handbags. They simply add, ‘’that something special’’.

Stainless steel keyrings can easily be purchased online from various suppliers or your local craft supplier. We recommend purchasing small jewelry boxes to gift wrap your keyrings to complete the look. Most keyrings generally come in a little plastic bag, so the boxes elevate them and add that extra touch to the product and overall price.

The settings recommended for keyrings are resolution-4k, power-100%, depth-20%, and pass-1.

3) Our Favourite Song

The LaserPecker 3 is absolutely amazing when it comes to engraving QR codes or, even in this case, digital links to your favorite song. Engraving a link to your favorite song together is a perfect gift for him or her. No matter where you are, as long as you have a phone within reach, you can hear your cherished song and be reminded of that special someone or place.

The recommended settings when using the LP3 are: resolution-4k, power-100%, depth-20%, and pass-1.

4) Locked in Love Padlock

The LaserPecker 3 comes in handy again to engrave personalized messages on padlocks. For many years padlocks have symbolized locking two people into love, and even better if there is a key to open the heart. Other ideas apart from initials could be messages such as, ‘’you hold the key to my heart’’ or a special date.

Padlocks can be found online, at Amazon, or even at hardware stores.

The recommended settings when using the LP3 are: resolution-4k, power-100%, depth-20%, and pass-1.

5) Personalised Necklace

The LaserPecker 3 is perfect for engraving jewelry and is also the most sought gift for Valentine’s Day. So, why not give a personalized necklace unique to you and your partner? This bar necklace comes in three different colors and can be sourced online. It can be personalized with names, initials, coordinates, and even zodiac signs.

When using the LaserPecker 3 we recommend the settings: resolution-4k, power-100%, depth-20%, and pass-1.

Make Personalized Gift With LaserPecker 2

1) Engraved ‘’Wifiy’’ Home Sign

Using the LaserPecker 2, you can turn wooden hearts into customized home decor or home signs. Why not show the person you love this Valentine’s Day by adding a play on words? There are tons of Home and Wifi signs on Pinterest, google, or you can even purchase SVG files from Etsy if you don’t have time to design the graphics yourself.

Wooden hearts can be purchased in bulk online through a wood supplier or a handful can be bought on Amazon. You can paint the hearts any color you like, however, white is a safe bet for home decor, and the engraving stands out nicely. Also, depending on the size of the heart, you can always engrave the design in sections, making the graph bigger and therefore longer.

For LaserPecker 2, we recommend the settings: resolution-1k, power-100%, depth-15%, and pass-1.

2) Engraved Marriage Proposal Box 

With the LaserPecker 2, you can turn any wooden box into someone’s memory of a lifetime. In this case, we decided to choose a ring box, as Valentine’s is one of the holidays apart from Christmas and New Year’s when people propose marriage to their special person.

These wooden ring boxes can be easily sourced online; depending on the style you’re going for, you can even choose to have different fabrics on the inside.

For LaserPecker 2, when engraving on a darker wood, like the one in this image, we recommend the settings: resolution-1k, power-100%, depth-10%, and pass-1. If you want the engraving to be a bit darker, we recommend repeating the engraving at resolution-1k, power-100%, depth-5%, and pass-1.

3) Pizza Night is Date Night

The LaserPecker 2 is perfect for engraving wooden kitchen utensils. What better occasion than Valentine’s Day to give or make homemade pizza? For small businesses, we recommend creating gift sets and including local ingredients; this is a great way to partner up with local eateries. In this case, we have used a wooden pizza cutter, but you can also engrave it on rolling pins and other wooden utensils.

Pizza boards are available online; however, we recommend sourcing a wood supplier if you want consistency with the boards you sell. As a small business, it is worth keeping a small stock in case you cannot find that exact board again.

When using the LaserPecker 2 for the chopping board, we recommend that you first measure the center point of where you would like the text and the size of the text. Then you can determine if you need to turn the head of the laser 90 degrees to the right. As for the pizza cutter, you can easily measure the length and width from the narrowest end.

Setting for pizza cutters when using the LaserPecker 2, we recommend 1k, 100%, 15, and 1 pass. If you find that the wooden utensil has been treated, we suggest doing 1k, 100%, 10, and 2 passes.

We recommend 1k, 100%, 15, and 1 pass for chopping boards. If you prefer to have the engraving a bit lighter, try 1k, 100% 10, 1 pass.

4) Date Night Jar

The LaserPecker 2 is perfect for small detailed engravings and, therefore, perfect for creating ‘Date Night’ ideas. Instead of planning one special date night for Valentine’s Day, why not gift the gift of 10 dates? Blank wooden circles can be added so the couple can add to their ideas with a pen. If you’re a small business and want to stand out, you can ask the customer to send you their ten ideas, and you engrave them. Personalization will make you stand out from other businesses that provide mass gifts with generic ideas.

Jars are easily available, even in our kitchen! Recycling jars is a great way to help the environment and promote your business as environmentally conscious. You can decorate the lids and even engrave the tin lid with the LaserPecker 3 or spray the glass with black paint and engrave a special message.

Wood circles can be bought at any craft store online or locally, or you can cut them yourself using the LaserPecker 2! Recommended settings to laser cut for 3.5mm MDF is: 1k, 100%, 15%, 20-30 passes. When engraving only the ideas on the circle, we recommend the settings: 1k, 100%, 10, and 2 passes.

5) You’re my missing piece

Using the LaserPecker 2, you can cut out your puzzle pieces or any other shapes to make magnets, keyrings, and more. In this case, we created two different sizes of puzzle shapes and glued a magnet on the back to stick to the fridge. This is the perfect gift for those who want to add a small touch to a Valentine’s Day card. Mdf material is available at most hardware and craft stores. When laser cutting, we recommend using MDF that is less than 3mm in width.

To laser cut, using the LaserPecker 2, we recommend using the settings: 1k, 100%, 15, 20-30 passes. We also recommend using the cutting panel underneath to let the smoke out.

Start Your Valentine's Gifts With LaserPecker

Everyone feels special unwrapping a gift created specifically for them. Why hesitate? Prepare a personalized gift for your loved ones, boyfriend/girlfriend, families, friends, and pets to express your love and appreciation.

LaserPecker is ready to help you, that we provide you with the easy-to-use laser engraver, the creative ideas, and the tutorials to start your customized Valentine's gifts easily.

LaserPecker 3 is the smallest fiber laser in the world, with which you can easily engrave on metals and plastics. With an optimized algorithm, the resolution of LaserPecker 3 has been increased to 4k, making the engraving details more clear.

You can make a personalised necklace, the heart keyring and lighters to celebrate the 2023 Valentine's Day.


$1,709.10  $1,899.99

LaserPecker 2 is the world's fastest blue laser engraver and cutter (600mm/s) that can engrave on wood, paper, leather, acrylic, anodized/painted aluminum, stainless steel, etc.

It's a beginner-friendly machine, which is easy to set up, allowing you to get started faster. You can also program everything wirelessly from an APP on your phone to realize your creation anytime, anywhere.

With the versatile electric roller, LaserPecker 2 laser engraver can do 360° rotary engraving on cylindrical, engraved surfaces such as tumbler/glass.

LaserPecker 2 Pro Laser Engraver & Laser Cutter

Considering you need the engraving files, we will provide you below website to get your inspiration!


LaserPecker 2 and LaserPecker 3 are the perfect pair to start your Valentine's customized gifts.

With LaserPecker 2 offering high speed engraving and LaserPecker 3 capable of metal and plastic engraving with 4K resolution, their portable form factor is the ideal solution for small business owners and hobbyists who want to create high-quality products or personalized gifts

Wishing you a very Happy Valentine's Day!🧡🧡

For more questions. Please join our Facebook group to get inspired!


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