LaserPecker LP4 User Manual

Rotary Extension User Manual

Slide Extension User Manual

1.How to register an account ?

2.How to engrave the stainless steel bottle with LaserPecker 3?

3.How to make an engraved cigarette case for your loved ones?

4.How to make a customed canvas bag for your kids?

5.How to engrave on the plastic jar lid with LaserPecker3?

6.LaserPecker 3 Versatile Electric Roller User Manual?

1.How to register an account ?

2.How to install it ?

3.What should I do before using my LaserPecker 2 ?

4.How to adjust the angle ?

5.How to connect the third axis to the main unit ?

6.The meaning of different light colors ?

7.How to use the slab mode ?

8.How to use the cylinder mode ?

9.How to use the trolly mode ?

10.How to engraving on special materials ?

11.How to use the batch engraving button ?

12.How to power off/ on the laser unit?

1. How to download LaserPecker APP and Register?

2. How to use LaserPecker tripods stable ?