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LaserPecker Bluetooth Dongle for LP2/LP3/LP4/LX1/LX1 Max

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LaserPecker Bluetooth Dongle is to help with the connection of LP2/LP3/LP4/LX1/LX1 Max to the LaserPecker Design Space PC software.

More Flexible to Use:
LP2/LP3/LP4/LX1/LX1 Max can be connected to LaserPecker Design Space PC software via a USB cable or LaserPecker Bluetooth Dongle, while the LaserPecker Bluetooth Dongle is easier to carry and more flexible to use.

Easy to Operate:
Connect it to your computer via the USB port or a docking station.
Open LaserPecker Design Space PC software.
Choose the correct port on the software to connect it to your LP2/LP3/LP4/LX1/LX1 Max.

Better Compatibility: 
LaserPecker Bluetooth Dongle is compatible with Windows and Mac systems.

Material - Aluminum alloy and Glass
Weight - 15.75g
Size - 54*22*10mm
Color - Gray

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