Andrew Faulkner

My LaserPecker Story- Meet Andrew Faulkner | Business Owner

Today, let's share the inspiring story of Andrew Faulkner and his amazing LaserPecker machine.

Andrew Faulkner's passion for DIY and laser engraving really took off with the LaserPecker machine. He is a DIY lover from the UK, who first started out as a hobby and explored personalized items for fun with LaserPecker 2, then turned his hobby into a business after he upgraded his machine to LaserPecker 4.

He already has LaserPecker 2, but he wanted an upgrade and bought LaserPecker 4 at the beginning of September, since LaserPecker 4 can give him more options and better results, providing him with greater flexibility and possibilities.


He loved the slide extension of LaserPecker 4 after he received it, which provided him with the convenience of engraving and cutting larger items effortlessly. And with the removable base, it's even more convenient! He recently discovered that the 1064nm infrared laser of LaserPecker 4 makes engraving on metal much easier and more efficient, which also produces pleasant and desirable results on plastic.

 With his purchase of LaserPecker 4, he has launched his small business offering services to airsoft players to engrave their equipment with logos and text. He has made lots of dog tags and key rings for people, and he is about to start engraving hip flasks as well. He told us that he was so thrilled that he had received the rotary extension so that he was able to engrave some bottles and other cylindrical items.


With the LaserPecker 4, Andrew will have even more fun and opportunities to unleash his creativity. It's fantastic to see how LaserPecker can support users like Andrew Faulkner in turning their hobbies into thriving businesses!


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