Wooden Peach Heart(120 Pcs)

$25.99 USD
Plywood Hearts: These wooden hearts are made from 2.5mm thick plywood. Plywood is made up of layers which gives your wooden hearts strength, durability and resistance to warping.
 We recommend using LaserPecker LP2/4 for DIY creative laser engraving.

Get Creative And Customise: The hearts have purposefully been left unfinished to give them a rustic feel. With their smooth texture on the front and back you can easily personalise with paint or marker pens.

Wooden Bunting Set: With this set, everything is included that you need to create a wooden heart bunting. It is as simple as threading your decorated hearts onto the twine. These can be used these to decorate weddings, baby showers or any party where you want to add some love. 

Shipping Time: 7-30 Business Day.
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