LaserPecker 2 Storage Case Accessories Set

$239.99 USD $299.99

    1* Big Bag: This big bag can completely accommodate the LaserPecker 2 machine, which is specially customized by laserpecker

    1* Versatile Electric Roller  Bag: This roller storage bag can help you store your rollers without taking up space and better organize space

    1* Cutting Plate: The plate can better protect the base of the bracket and avoid damage to the bracket bottom plate due to the high power set during the engraving process

    1* Batch Engraving Button: With the engraving button you can engrave again with just one click, no need to operate on the app

    1* Bluetooth Dongle:  Laserpecker 2 Bluetooth Dongle Adapter for PC, Windows, or Mac System

    1* Smoke Exhaust Pipe: The pipe can exhaust the air out, making the effect of engraving better and indoors clean



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