Seamlessly Switch from Strong to Stronger

LaserPecker is back and ready to make history, again. For the first time ever, LaserPecker 4 packs both a 10W 450nm laser and a 2W 1064nm laser into its compact body and boosts the engraving speed up to an incredible 1200mm/s. With a single swipe, you can seamlessly switch between two laser sources and create your favorite pattern on any surface.

10W 450 nm Laser

Upgraded 4K Resolution

2W 1064nm Laser

Photo-like 8K Sharpness

Dual Lasers on Demand for Ultimate Creativity

Like its predecessors, LaserPecker 4 pushes the creative boundaries of what is possible in the workplace or studio. Powered by dual laser sources and innovative accessories, LaserPecker 4 is capable of engraving and cutting on virtually any material type and objects of any shape.

Rounded or Irregular – We can do it all

Rotating engraving is no longer limited to standard cylinder shapes. With LaserPecker 4's newly upgraded rotating accessory, you can now engrave with ease on virtually any cylindrical or round objects and objects with irregular shapes and distinctive curves.

Big or Small - We can do it all

PC Software and APP Control

Along with powerful engraving capabilities, design and setup processes are even easier with LaserPecker 4’s newest PC software and App, which includes several convenient operations for mass production, which instantly boosts production and enhances efficiency.


Engraving & Cutting Materials

LaserPecker Makes History Once Again

LaserPecker was founded in 2017 and has created a number of impressive products for the DIY market. To date, LaserPecker 2 is still one of the most funded Technology projects on Kickstarter, gaining the support and love of 7,000+ people worldwide. Two years later, with the revolutionary LaserPecker 4, we are embarking on a new journey with the aim to surpass the success of our previous game-changing engravers. Would you like to join us?

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December 05, 2022 — laserpecker
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Joanne Wellington said:

Please let’s us know when and how much was going to go for the 3 till I found out about this one I will wait!

mauricio trabuco said:

When will be the LaserPecker 4 for sale and much will cost ?

Ion Dimitrov said:

Hello !
I am interested in purchasing the LaserPecker 4.
When will this laser be available?

Gloria Gonzales said:

I would like to order the LaserPecker4, What are the packages available and how or where do I order now? (Febuary 2nd, 2023

Jack said:

I am interested in purchasing the LaserPecker 4

Eve Angela McClain said:

Is the laserpecker 4 available in the USA, yet?

Laura Cordero said:

When will the Laserpecker 4 be available for sale in the United States?

Trevor Townsend said:

How much will the LaserPecker 4 cost?

Miguel ortiz said:

How much for a star kit LaserPecker 4.

Richard Estrada Jr said:

I am interested in purchasing the LaserPecker 4. When will this laser be available?

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