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LaserPecker LP4 - The World's First Dual-laser Engraver for Most Materials

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  • Der weltweit erste tragbare Dual-Laser für fast alle Materialien!
  • Unübertroffene Tragbarkeit und Funktionalität mit einem größeren Gravurbereich!
  • Einfach zu bedienender, multifunktionaler, intelligenter LED-Touchscreen!
  • Der genaueste, leistungsstärkste und schnellste LaserPecker aller Zeiten!

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    $1,799.00 $1,999.00

    Contains: LaserPecker LP4

    LP4+Slide Extension
    $1,979.00 $2,199.00

    Contains: LaserPecker LP4+Slide Extension

    LP4+Rotary Extension
    $2,105.00 $2,339.00

    Contains: LaserPecker LP4+Rotary Extension

    LP4+Rotary Extension+Slide Extension
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    Contains: LaserPecker LP4+Slide Extension+Rotary Extension










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    LaserPecker LP4 Innovation
    Raising The Bar of Creativity Yet Again

    Two years of research and development combined with invaluable feedback from more than 100,000 LaserPecker users has resulted in these next generation features:

    Feature 1:

    The World's First Portable
    Dual-Laser For All Materials!

    Feature 2:

    Unmatched Portability & Functionality 
    With A Larger Engraving Area!

    Feature 3:

    Easy To Use Multifunction
    Smart LED Touch Screen!

    Feature 4:

    The Most Accurate, Powerful,
    & Fastest LaserPecker EVER!

    Feature 1

    The World's First Portable
    Dual-Laser for All Materials!

    Feature 1:

    The World's First Portable
    Dual-Laser for All Materials!

    LaserPecker Innovation
    Patented Dual-Laser System

    Simultaneous Laser Functionality

    Extensive R&D resulted in a revolutionary combined laser technology allowing for easy source selection and equal focal distance for both Lasers.

    Smart Focal Correction

    Our proprietary light correction algorithm built into an intelligent chip corrects the laser at the edge of the lens, enlarging the work area while ensuring extreme high precision and speed.

    Limitless Materials
    Unlimited Imagination

    10w Blue Diode Laser:

    Wood, Acrylic, Glass, Leather, Ceramic, Paper, Stone, & More

    2w Infrared Laser:

    Stainless Steel, Aluminum Alloy, Gold, Silver, Plastic, & More.

    Dual Function
    Multi-Layer Work

    Our advanced dual-laser and algorithm enable the freedom to use multiple materials in one go with highly precise and efficient results.

    Layer Engraving & Cutting
    Multi-Task Sync

    Using varied settings, the 10w 450 nm Blue Diode Laser can engrave and cut layers with varied settings.

    Cutting Power - 10w Blue Diode Laser

    Balsa Wood up to 8 mm

    Acrylic up to 5 mm

    Feature 2

    Unmatched Portability & Functionality
    With A Larger Engraving Area

    Feature 2:

    Unmatched Portability & Functionality
    With A Larger Engraving Area

    Slide Extension Accessory
    Work Area Upgrade

    Extended Work Area for
    Increased Creativity!

    Scale up your projects and add multi-batch functionality with the Slide Extension Accesory.

    Excellent Aspect Ratio
    For A Broader Range of Use

    Serving Tray

    16" Laptop

    Painted Aluminium Sheet

    Wooden Cardboard

    Easy Cylindrical Object and
    Irregular Shape Engraving with
    the Rotary Extension Accessory

    Multi-Angle Engraving with
    180° Rotation Versatility

    Feature 3

    Easy To Use Multifunction
    Smart LED Touch Screen!

    Feature 3:

    Easy To Use Multifunction
    Smart LED Touch Screen!

    One-Touch Control

    Swipe To Switch

    Effortlessly select between laser sources to suit your project and material with one swipe.

    Monitor Work Progress

    Follow project status and control workflow in real-time for optimized results and efficiency.

    Access File History

    Locate archived projects for easy repeat and batch work.

    Modular Components
    Simple assembly for fast set up and use

    Modular Components 
    Simple assembly for fast set up and use

    Hi-Tech Innovations and Practical Design!

    Magnetic Quick Fit Protective Cover

    Magnetic Dust Grill for Easy Cleaning

    Powerful Software Options

    - Compatible with:
    LaserPecker Design Space and LightBurn
    - Supported Systems:
    Mobile: iOS /Android via Bluetooth
    PC: Windows /macOS via USB or via Optional Bluetooth Dongle -
    - File Formats: PC:G-Code/JPG/PNG/BMP/SVG/DXF Mobile: JPG/PNG/G-Code/SVG
    *LightBurn is available for purchase at

    Focusing and Project Preview

    Outline Frame &
    Contour Preview Modes

    Intuitive Double
    Red Dot Focus

    Feature 4

    The Most Accurate, Powerful,
    & Fastest LaserPecker EVER!

    Faster Than Ever Speeds
    Engraving up to 2000 mm/s

    Keep Productivity Moving

    Metal, Wood, Paper, Leather, Plastic, Rock

    Incredibly Fine Detail

    0.003 mm
    Engraving Accuracy

    Enhanced accuracy and precision, resulting in vivid detailed engravings.

    Intricate Micro-Details

    8K Resolution (1,289dpi)
    0.00199 mm Accuracy
    0.01 mm Laser Spot

    Photorealistic Engraving

    Transform your photos into works of art, showcase every little detail in astounding high 8K resolution

    Multiple User Safety Features

    Multiple User
    Safety Features

    Multiple User Safety Features

    Triple Practical Protection

    Protective Safety Shield, Safety Goggles and a Fully Enclosed Safety Cover

    Quick Stop Button

    Built-in shutdown in case of emergency

    Magnetic Cover Sensor

    Project work will be paused when the magnetic cover is removed

    Overheat Protection

    A high-temperature sensor automatically shuts down device to avoid fires and ensure a long service life

    Exhaust Fan

    Effectively removes smoke generated during engraving ensuring a safe environment and optimal engraving effect

    Tilt Protection

    The device will automatically shut down if a tilt is detected during operation to ensure user and workspace safety

    DIYers, Entrepreneurs, Educators, and more...

    LaserPecker is for EVERYONE!

    DIYers, Entrepreneurs, Educators, and more...

    LaserPecker is
    for EVERYONE!

    LP4 Creation Gallery

    What Early Adaptors are Saying


    Table header 0Table header 1
    Laser Type:10W 450 nm Blue Diode Laser
    2W 1064 nm Infrared Laser
    Working Area:160 mm x 120 mm (Basic)
    160 mm x 300 mm (with the Slide Extension)
    Working Speed:2000 mm/s
    Preview Speed:16000 mm/s
    Engraving Precision:0.003 mm
    Applicable Materials:10w 450 nm Blue Diode Laser:
    Lacquered metal, Anodized aluminum, 304 stainless steel, Bamboo, Wood, Leather, Food, Paper, Fabric, Photosensitive printing, Plastic, Acrylic, Tinted glass, Color glaze ceramics, etc.
    2w1064 nm Infrared Laser:
    Metal, Plastic, Leather and any material with paint coating
    Cutting Depth:8 mm Balsa Wood, 5 mm Dark Opaque Acrylic
    Preview Mode:Center Point, Outline Frame,and Contour Preview Modes
    Software:LaserPecker Design Space & LaserPecker PC Software & LightBurn
    Support Format:PC: G-Code/JPG/PNG/BMP/SVG/DWG/DXF etc.Vector Format
    Connection:Mobile - Wireless Bluetooth 5.0
    PC - USB Connection / Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 (Dongle Required)
    Operating System:Mobile - iOS 9.0 & Android 7.0
    PC - macOS 10 & Windows 10
    System Languages:Simplified Chinese/Traditional Chinese/English/Japanese
    Safety Certification:CE, ROHS, FCC, FDA, CDRH, NCC, KC, UKCA, TELEC
    Input Power:DC(24V 5A) AC(100-240V, 50-60HZ)
    Size:Laser Head: 241 x 82.1 x 139.7 mm
    Stand: 260.5 x 218 x 283.5 mm
    Protective Shield: 176 x 145 x 155.7 mm