LaserPecker 3 Deluxe Metal & Plastic Handheld Laser Engraver with Auxiliary Booster & Cases

LaserPecker 3 Deluxe Metal & Plastic Handheld Laser Engraver with Auxiliary Booster & Cases

$1,599.20 $1,999.99

Metal&Plastic Engraver: LaserPecker 3 is an optical fiber engraving machine for metal, and plastic. Using a 1064nm pulsed laser, no damage to the material.

Ultra-High Precision: 4k precision, perfect picture reproduction. 0,01MM spot, visible details, LaserPecker 3 can help you complete what you what.

Dual Red-Light Focus: Say goodbye to cumbersome measurement procedures and double light coincidence to determine the focal length. At the click of a button, you can automatically lift and descend and start engraving in the easiest way possible.

Batch Engraving: Achieve batch engraving is not a problem. Use the batch button to engrave again with each click. Batch production of business cards and customized. You can open your own studio at home.

No Restrictions: Unlimited time, place, and angle, just plug in and use. 360° rotation, no need to worry about the angle of engraving, bring a power bank, whether you are traveling or traveling, you can carry it with you.

Adapter Specification US

Secure Payment
12-month Warranty
Professional Customer Support

Excellent in Metal&Plastic Engraving

Personalized Engraving Supported / Meet Different Studio DIY Needs / Gift Customization / Batch Engraving Store LOGO Customization / Jewelry Marking / Product Identification

High Accuracy Engraving with HD 4K Resolution

0.01MM High-Precision Engraving

The compressed spot has higher power, higher engraving ability, faster speed, and better effect under the same electric power.

Auto-Adjusting Better Engraving Heights

High Accuracy Positioning with Position Preview

Efficient Batch Engraving With Adjustable Positioning Fixture

360° Cylindrical Rotating Engraving

Handheld Multi-Angle Engraving

Support PC/ Mac/Computer Control With LaserPecker App

Easy to use Android /PC&iOS/Mac

Independently developed software with a simple and easy-to-master interface. Free software updates and upgrades for life.

Handheld & Portable Laser Engraving Machine

Long Life Power Supply