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What Are the Characteristics of Laser Engraving Machine?


I. know the laser engraving machine


A laser engraving machine is a subtractive manufacturing method that alters the surface of an object by using a laser. Generally speaking, laser engraving machines are used in a wider range, with higher engraving precision and faster engraving speed. Moreover, compared with the traditional manual engraving method, laser engraving can also make the engraving effect very delicate, which is no less than the craftsmanship level of manual engraving. It is precisely because the laser engraving machine has so many advantages that the application of the laser engraving machine has gradually replaced the traditional engraving equipment and methods. Become the main engraving equipment.



II.The characteristics of using laser engraving machine


1. Reliable : A major benefit of this engraving method is that the laser beam does not physically touch the material. Instead, it relies on heat from the laser to get the job done. This method is called a non-contact method. This gives it an advantage over traditional methods as it does not leave tool marks that will eventually damage or deform the surface of the machined part or material. The laser targets only a portion of the gasification , leaving the surrounding area untouched.


2. Safety : Laser engraving machine equipment pays attention to the safety of users and consumers . Since it replaces manual methods involving the use of harmful chemicals, the device prevents workers from operating in such conditions. It can be used with a computer; therefore, you can operate it from a distance. Laserpecker has sage and quality leather laser engraving machine for sale, if you are interested in it, shop now!


3. The laser engraving machine like a small laser printing machine is environmentally friendly : Since it eliminates the use of chemicals, the laser is environmentally friendly compared to other methods. It does this not only during the engraving process, but also at the end of the entire process. It leaves behind a small amount of waste as a large part is evaporated. Unlike hazardous waste, the waste left by the laser is usually in the form of dust particles.


4. Efficient : The process is very efficient , you can switch between different materials and depths to achieve various effects. It also works well when you consider maintenance costs and service life, which are lower than traditional methods.


Some recent equipment can do both engraving and marking at the same time. The two are very similar, but the marking only leaves a mark on the surface , not deep. When choosing a laser engraving machine , you should choose according to your own needs, and choose the laser engraving machine that is suitable for your business or personal use .


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