A Micro Laser Engraving Machine That Ordinary People Can Use

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When it comes to lasers, there is an instant feeling of "high-end" and black technology. Yes, lasers are a cutting-edge technology, whether in the medical field, the military field, or the industrial field.

Laser and Engraving Machine to Discipline Bear Children super Artifact

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How difficult is it to manage a bear child? A child, although she can't let you do anything, but he can let you do nothing. That might sound funny. But it's also a funny way to tell the hardships of being a parent. 

What Are the Classification of Laser Engraving Machine Light Source?

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In the traditional concept of engraving, we understand engraving as imaginary workers hand-held carving knives or power tools to chisel exquisite patterns. Then the so-called laser engraving is the use of laser technology to engrave. The principle is to use the burning of laser heat or chemical changes on the engraved surface to produce engraving marks.

What Are the Characteristics of Laser Engraving Machine?

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A laser engraving machine is a subtractive manufacturing method that alters the surface of an object by using a laser. Generally speaking, laser engraving machines are used in a wider range, with higher engraving precision and faster engraving speed. 

Laser Engraver Applications and Main Functions

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Using a laser engraver is very simple, just like using a computer and a printer to print on paper. You can use a variety of graphics processing software to design, and scanned graphics, vectorized graphics and a variety of CAD files can be easily "printed" to the engraving machine.
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