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Laser and Engraving Machine to Discipline Bear Children super Artifact


1. Laser engraving machine to accompany children


How difficult is it to manage a bear child? A child, although she can't let you do anything, but he can let you do nothing. That might sound funny. But it's also a funny way to tell the hardships of being a parent. Using a tiny laser engraver can lighten the burden for parents a little, and settle the madness of the bear children in the happy time with their children .




II. The use of laser and engraving machine


Page animations can be made with a wooden board. Parents can easily use the laser and engraving machine to engrave simple and interesting animation pictures. During the time with their children, parents will also become happy. After all, they are accompanying their children. The time is only so few years, and even if you think about it, you may not have a chance in the future .


Inspired by this, there are also some DIY toy merchants. Toy merchants can buy laser and engraving machines and buy healthy and environmentally friendly engraving materials, such as small wood chips, small plastic blocks, etc., to create some more fashionable animation images. For example, the barking team, or the strong bald head or something. If there are children who like it, you can also cooperate with some kindergartens and use the laser engraving machine like plastic laser engraver to engrave the children's "masterpieces" with children's cups or eating boxes. Usually children are also happy, and DIY toy merchants can also get it. appropriate profit.


The tiny laser engraver is very simple to use, just download the APP on the mobile phone , drag the engraving picture , and adjust the position . Using a laser engraver like a portable laser printing machine to batch engrave photos or simple paintings can be a waste of time. So for mass production, this miniature laser engraving machine may not be suitable. But if you only engrave dozens of them every day, then this tiny laser engraver can still do the job .


When the laser and engraving machine is in use, it can engrave continuously for 8 hours, and when it is close to 8 hours, it needs to rest for more than ten minutes before continuing to engrave. After all , the laser head of the laser and engraving machine is also lossy. The service life of the laser head of the laser and engraving machine is probably more than 10,000 hours, after which the laser life begins to decay.


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