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L1 Pro Suit: The Most Compact & Safe & Easy to Use Laser Engraver with auto-stand

L1 Pro Suit: The Most Compact & Safe & Easy to Use Laser Engraver with auto-standItem NO.: LaserPecker L1Pro--Suit

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L1 Pro Suit: The Most Compact & Safe & Easy to Use Laser Engraver with auto-stand
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    • Product Name: L1 Pro Suit: The Most Compact & Safe & Easy to Use Laser Engraver with auto-stand
    • Item NO.: LaserPecker L1Pro--Suit
    • Weight: 1 kg = 2.2046 lb = 35.2740 oz
    • Category: L1 Pro Laser Engraver
    • Brand: LaserPecker
    • Creation Time: 2021-03-11

    Laserpecker pro : the most advanced & versatile handheld laser engraver

    Engrave any pattern on any surface. set your creativity free anywhere $ anytime!

    · Compact & portable             · Plug & Play              · Diy supported                                  · 10,000+Hrs.lifespan          

    · App Control                        · Ultra-safe                 · Multiple materials engraving             · Easy to assemble & use

    ① Laser engraving food and fruits                                      ② Laser cutting cardboard       

    Different types of engraving patterns by Laserpecker engraver        

    ③ Free all your creativity with so many possibilities       ④ Decorating your holiday with coloring powder

    Best laser etching machine by Laserpecker

    Engrave Any Pattern on Various Materials

    Creating artistic patterns with LaserPecker is easy. The app provides a wide variety of cool patterns to choose 

    from or you can create your own by uploading any picture or customized pattern design. LaserPecker can be 

    used on various materials such as paperboard, fabric, wood, leather, felt, plastic and more. Because of its 

    powerful versatility, LaserPecker Pro can handle all your engraving needs. 

    Laserpecker laser engraver for all materials

    Different types of engraving patterns by Laserpecker L1 Pro Suit laser engraver

    Auto-focusing Support Stand

    LaserPecker Pro is upgraded with an auto-adjusting support stand that sets up and focuses in seconds. All you 

    have to do is put the engraving target on the spot.The built-in sensors of the stand will measure the distance 

    between the laser generator and the target and automatically adjust the height to make sure the focal point is 

    the correct distance from the surface of the object.

    Laserpecker L1 Pro Suit laser engraving settings

    Smart Control

    Laserpecker app for easy laser engraving

    Preview Mode

    Before engraving,LaserPecker Pro will first show the planned trajectory of the pattern by projecting a guide 

    laser on the target surface.Users can easily adjust the size,position, and the rotation angle of the pattern based 

    on the preview trajectory.Once satisfied with the pattern, just press the button to burn it in!

    Laserpecker L1 Pro Suit laser engraving details

    plug & play anytime anywhere

    . Set up the stand and power up LaserPecker Pro.

    . Connect LaserPecker Pro with LaserPecker app,choose or upload any pattern in-app and edit it with user-friendly 

      controls .

    . Start to engrave!

    Laserpecker L1 Pro Suit laser engraver details

    Your pocket art studio

    LaserPecker is the most compact and easy-to-use laser engraver of its kind.Just grab it and put in your bag,your 

    pocket art studio is ready to work anytime and anywhere.When you find your inspiration, just plug it in, or connect 

    to a power bank or PC via a Type-C port and bring your ideas to life!!

    Laserpecker L1 Pro Suit laser cutter handheld

    Foldable desigh

    Both the support stand and laser shield of LaserPecker Pro can be carried effortlessly as they all feature a foldable 

    design.When not in use, they fold down flat, about the size of a small book and can be easily stored away for travel 

    or storage.

    Laserpecker L1 Pro Suit portable laser marker

    Ultra-safe protevtions built-in

    LaserPecker Pro has built-in protections to ensure safe use LaserPecker Pro has built-in protections to ensure safe 

    use to you and your projects.

    Laserpecker L1 Pro Suit portable laser marker protective shield

    Laserpecker L1 pro suit protective methods for laser engraving

    Works with power bank

    LaserPecker Pro can be powered up using an adapter,and can also be used with a power bank or PC 

    via a Type-Cport.Even when you are on the road, just take out LaserPecker Pro and connect it with your

    power bank or PC,you can instantly explore your creativity!

    Laserpecker L1 pro suit compact laser cutting machine charging method

    Built for long-term usage 

    LaserPecker is powered by a laser that is rated for over 10,000+ hours of lifespan-enough to engrave

    nonstop for 416 days!

    Laserpecker L1 pro suit compact laser cutting machine lifespan

    Laserpecker vs  Laserpecker pro

    Here is our improvement since the last one .

    Comparison between Laserpecker and Laserpecker pro compact laser cutting machine


    Laserpecker L1 pro suit compact laser cutting machine specification

    Laserpecker L1 pro suit compact laser cutting machine types

    How Long Will a Laser Engraver Last?

    The life of the laser tube greatly depends on what percentage of the full power. Generally, LaserPecker can be used  more than 10000 hours so far.  The 10000 hours can be related to using the laser for 8 hours per day and  lasts more than 3 years.

    Can You Use a Laser Engraved Cutting Board?

    Engraving Cutting boards are quite versatile and extremely popular as a holiday gift, house warming present, or even a simple "thank you" gift.

    So engraving custom cutting boards with laserpecker is a fantastic way to take your customization job a step further. laserpecker handheld laser engraver for wood engrave on Cutting boards very well, you can custom any pattern, shape, fonts or letters to make your customization more fun and meaningful.

    Can You Engrave on Leather?

    The two most common ways to hand tool leather are engraving and embossing. One benefit to engraving is creating a special look by pattern, shape, or letters and so on. Engraving on leather by an engraving machine for leather will be easy and meaningful. So buy laser engraver machine at Laserpecker online store! Personalized leather gifts will last a lifetime.

    While the overall process of personalizing a gift with leather imprinting is pretty simple, the mastery of design and the details can be quite difficult. But LaserPecker provide a way to engrave on leather easily, you’ll just buy an engraving machine for leather and download LaserPecker software before you move on to finished leather products. But there are something noticeable, the smoke for the engraving can stain the edges of the engraved surface. The masking tape will protect the material around the engraving from the smoke, After running the personal engraver just peel the masking tape will be perfect, and you don’t have to be a master to pursue leather engraving in your own home.

    • 【Wide Application】LaserPecker pro engraver with small & lightweight design engraves on a wide variety of materials, like Paper-board, Fabric, Wood, Leather, Felt,Cloth,Fruit and more. The Easy Etcher can widely be used in Engraving, Carving, Etching, Cutting etc. 【Note】Plastic : Painted the plastic with oil-based or whiteboard pen first to engrave then wipe the color off
    • 【 In-App Editing & Preview Mode to Control Smartly & Work on nearly any surface and tiny objects】 In-App Editing Mode with many picture editing toors allow to create any patterns and words, modify the pictures or photos to engrave ; Preview Mode make users easily adjust the size, position, and the rotation angle of the pattern on the target surface by projecting a guide laser before engraving;This unique laser etcher can engrave on any surface or on tiny objects
    • 【More Accurate Precision】LaserPecker Pro has 0.15mm accurate light spot and high quality 405nm blue-violet laser, making accurate precision engraving; NO limit on Engraving Height; Works with powerbank; Wirelessly bluethooth controlled by a smartphone; 10,000 + lifespan built for long-term usage; Engraving range: 10*10CM; File Formats: JPG / BMP /PNG /G-code , Photo/Vector both supported The most compact and easy-to-use laser engraver of its kind
    • 【Cool Assessories can be Choosed 】 Auto-focusing Support Stand: The built-in sensors of the stand will measure the distance in seconds between the laser generator and the target and automatically adjust the height to make sure the focal point is the correct distance from the surface of the object; Magnetic Protective Shields: Protect your eyes and directly see laser movements in the progress of engraving without wearing protective glasses: Big Case : Take all accessories in one easily
    • 【Safe and Guarantee】LaserPecker Pro has built-in protections to ensure safe use: overheat shutdown, password lock, motion detection,goggles; Safe Certification: CE, FCC, FDA, RoHS,CDRH,IEC 60825-1 (Laser Class1),IEC 60825-1 (Laser Class 4) ; 30 days free replacement parts ,1-year warranty, and full life customer service, plz feel free to contact if you meet any issues due to the laserPecker software will continue to be updated

L1 Pro Suit: The Most Compact & Safe & Easy to Use Laser Engraver with auto-stand
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Customer Reviews

Best lazer yet. Works great easy to use from phone app.
Only problem I had was with the automatic stand that needed a screw to be tightened to work correctly, but after that it was full go. Easy to use and I can show some creativity with my lack of creative ability.
A little hassle getting it registered, but a user group on FB helped get me through it. The machine itself is a snap to use, and it does a top notch job engraving light colored wood. For the money, it’s the only game in town!
We've only had the LaserPecker for a short time but so far we really like it. It's easy for us to use and there are so many creative possibilities. The customer service via email has been prompt and polite. We are very happy with our product.
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 easy to use to set up , excellent results , easy app , definitely recommend to buy it.
Very easy to set up and does a great job etching signature on wood projects, like turned bowls. There's an option to draw an image you want shown on your target, and I sign my name, add the date and wood species. It looks great.
What an awesome portable laser engraver! I absolutely love that I can engrave on the go.Its a compact sleek design, and the app is incredibly easy to use.
I love it. I did have to get use to how to figure out the size I wanted. After I used it, and became more familiar with the device, I love it. The preview option is extremely helpful along with the center pointer. I love it. Everyone must have one.
Really easy to set up and get going. App was a little confusing but once you know the steps it’s simple. Great quality.
Loved this. So easy to set up and use, right out of the box. Made my first item and it turned out great. I will be getting a lot of use out of this!
Good product but overpriced
I was excited when my LaserPecker arrived and couldn't wait to get it set up and give it a go. Just download the LaserPecker app to your iPhone or iPad and follow the instructions to register your laser.I was immediately impressed with the carrying case. It is very nice quality and has a good zipper. When I unzipped it and opened it up, I was REALLY impressed with how everything had its specific place and fit into contoured storage spots. Instructions for setting it up were included and were very easy to read (pictures and text). The stand and laser are very professionally made. A tripod is included, but I used the included adjustable base. You can adjust the height using the up and down arrows (it is powered), or use the auto-set button. This is a very high-quality setup.The most challenging aspect was the bluetooth connection. I had no problems connecting with my iPhone, and made a couple test burns. Then the connection dropped and I couldn't get it to work. I tried again the next day with my iPhone and no luck. So I tried my iPad and connected again with no problem. Hopefully I can figure out what the issue is if it happens again.You can select photos from your photo album, use your camera to take a photo, create a design using text, or look select a stock shape under Examples. With photos, some are going to work a lot better than others, and you'll have to experiment to figure that out.I started out by burning the LaserPecker logo on the included test paper, then jumped right in with of my own images and photos on cork coasters. There aren't any operating instructions included, but go to LaserPecker's website and there are a number of YouTube videos.Please know that the majority of the bad reviews are unwarranted. People don't understand that when you contribute to a Kickstarter product, you don't get it right away. The money is to help with fine-tuning the product and getting it to the production phase. Of course there will be some glitches in support when they are first up and running - give these guys a break, they've created a great product. Also know that this is not a fire-breathing, steel-cutting laser. This is designed for soft materials (they must be dark colored in order for the laser to work, and there are ways to trick it into cutting some light colored materials) and it does a great job. As with any tool of this sort, plan to spend some time and test materials figuring out the best power, depth, and number of cuts for each type of material you will be using.My cork coasters turned out pretty darn cool! So I tried with some MDF coasters and got an even better result. There are several modes you can use - Pencil, G-code, Bin, Gray, and Seal. Select each of them for you photo/design to see what they look like.You'll need to define the size of the image you want to burn on your material. You'll also have to select the material type, power, depth, and number of passes. You'll need to do some test burns on the materials you will use to figure out the best settings.The last coaster I burned was from a color photo of my daughter and I on our last vacation. I selected Gray, which is the closest to the actual photo. The LaserPecker tells you right up front that it's going to take a lot longer for this level of detail (even the simpler burns take a good amount of time). But, wowzer, the results blew me away! You need to note that this laser is designed for engraving - not cutting - so use it accordingly.So, if you want to have a lot of fun, get your own LaserPecker (that is just so much fun to say!).
This is a truly fantastic product. Compact, and ready to use on arrival. The terrific case protects your investment and keeps everything neatly organized. Precise laser allows perfect etching, engraving and cutting. This versatile tool expands your ability to create unique designs and transfer them to numerous surfaces. I received this product free and am leaving my honest review.
Really love laser printing and this is perfect for me because I can use it on the go and be able to make a really cool gifts for my friends