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Reviews (17)
  • ga****no
    me encanto la caja llego un poco abollada pero el producto llego sin problemas
  • C****s
    Got it today and wasn’t expecting that much out of it. It blew my mind. For adding little logos on my woodworking it’s amazing. Took 5 mins to set up and hasn’t disappointed! Thank you
  • Is****ia
    It’s so boring after state of Texas announce that everybody needs to stay home brother loves to engrave, so I decided to have an engraver machine for him , so I can learn something new from him , after searching, this is the fastest shipping and the price is reasonable and I give it a try ...This engraver machine is so portable and it is really cute design , it was really easy to use as well... The most impressed thing for me is , it connect to my phone and it can engrave anything I wanted. we try to engrave a flower in the wood and the result was amazing and it was so fun , when we see the machine start printing and engrave the flower ... after few try , I found out it can also engrave in a hard skin fruits, such as apple and orange and melon .. also this is very portable and I can easy carry it in the backpack...overall it bring us more fun since we stay home for longtime
  • a****n
    The first one I received did not work, but the replacement is awesome! Set up was easy and it works great
  • sa****th
    I use this for engraving my woodworking projects. I’ve tried numerous other ways to do this, but nothing is as efficient and easy to use as this medium power laser device. I have had no problems with printing out my inscription on a laser printer, photographing this, transferring to the unit, tweaking the image, and engraving. It is particularly effective on darker woods, which are difficult to inscribe otherwise. The only fussy bit is setting up the unit on its tripod above the sample, it tends to be top-heavy.
  • Sa****an
    To be perfectly honest I was expecting this to be low quality, and that I would be returning it as soon as I tested it but I have been thoroughly impressed by this little guy! The only issue I am having at the moment is learning the laser itself! It is much stronger than I expected, works straight out of the box, and is surprisingly good quality!I cannot give this little guy enough praise!
  • ti****ew
  • R****e
    More tutorials would be nice
  • Mi****no
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     This thing does exactly what it says. Had it up and running out of the box in 10 minutes. The packaging has a premium feel and the laser itself is solid and well made. As with most things, it takes a little playing around to learn the different modes and settings but it couldn't be much easier. Grab a picture form your album, snap one from your camera, or create your own images. I've burned paper, cardboard, wood, leather, plastic, and bamboo with success on all counts. Depending on the surface, I've even been able to make designs visible on coated metals. I had a design that ran for 40 minutes without any issues. The detail and accuracy is pretty impressive as well burning clean lines and intricate patterns. The only other thing that might be beneficial to have with this is a fan to exhaust some of the smoke away from the work piece so it doesn't interfere with the laser power. Too much smoke can cause lighter burned areas resulting in a patchy burn but its easily remedied with a little fan. Honestly I'm more than impressed with the performance so far
  • B****t
    This laser machine is easy to use and good for beginner to learn how to great a picture its can be processed material wood paper phone shell and horns ect. Machine is ideal for engraving usage with laser grayscale printing
  • Ch****ch
    It does what it's supposed to. Maybe its early in the technology but pricey for what it does. It does work well.
  • Je****er
    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

     Wow the ease of use, portability, and quality blows my mind! I love LaserPecker, and have used it a lot in first two weeks of having it. I am a 100% disabled war vet, who dabbles in building guitars and other wood workings. I use LaserPecker to do custom burns on fretboards of guitars and basses, and it works great. I literally have burnt images right off my iPhone XR through Bluetooth with ease. I just use a image editor to make them true black and white and center and adjust image to edges of pic. Every now and then I do have to resize slightly it will kick you back if image does not work to pick again. A slight cropping usually does the trick... I also found that once image is loaded go to settings to turn on centering of laser and align dot in middle of area, then preview draws in light only outside area to make sure it’s lined up and sized correctly. Doing those things I have not had a bad burn out of hundreds already. Compared to other units that cost way more, use rails or a closed unit this unit is so mobile and easy to use they don’t compare, My only regret is now I want the new At around $250 to $350. The price and performance are the best out there..... The kid me of the past would never believe I would have a computerized laser that I can take and use anywhere.... wowI do truly recommend LaserPecker, I am in no way associated with them except as a happy customer. They are in China so tthey are on different hours but when I asked them a question they got back to me very quickly and courteously and seem to love their product and be proud of it, which is a nice change in customer service from the modern no one cares stuff one usually gets from customer service or support.I hope this helps people out, and LaserPecker because I want them to continue makeing these and putting out new ones in the future.Jeremy Maurer aka JD Ozone
  • C****s
    I bought this machine cause I was looking for a hobby to get into and absolutely love the machine I have used the machine every night and it works just like I bought it you have to play with the setting to see what setting works on what material. You suppose to have it burn 8 inches from the material the hint the ruler that comes in the pack. It outlines the burn before you start the job and you can pause it and it also keeps running if your phone disconnects from it. I have a Facebook page KO creations and you can see all my product I made with this same exact machine.
  • Al****ud
    Awesome product.
  • Am****er
    Very awesome little machine! Very user friendly
  • C****Q
    Easy to setup and use. The app works just fine on my iphone X with the latest IOS. The images are clear and precise.Three days of use, I've already engraved a lot of photos on the test materials which came with the far so good!
  • B****a
    I hate to leave bad reviews for products. PI got this products as gift. I am not able to turn on the app on my iPhone XR with iOS 12.4.1. I was able to turn on app on my iPad but not able to register item with the security pin received in my email. I write to customer services, they asked for a video. I sent them 2 videos, they said they can’t open it, they want me connect them through Facebook. I don’t think that’s right. I just need it to be work. Lets keep amazon thing on amazon.Updated 9/21 customer service highly active. Update the app. Everything works perfect now! Love it. Thank you. Recommend!