L1 Laser Engraver (2)

Laserpecker L1 compact laser etcher can engrave on many materials, such as wood, leather, paper, food  etc. This small laser engraving machine can be used for personal DIY and small business.

This small laser etcher can be take anywhere and powered by power bank, and it was controlled by wirelessly Bluetooth (a smartphone) ; Engraving range: 10*10CM: Four engraving modes, import images, text, drawing or painting directly; Greater power, faster speed, 0.01 mm accurate precision engraving.

Our L1 laser engraver can be more safety with protective googles.

L1 Laser Engraver Collection


Advantages of Small Laser Engraver

Laserpecker L1 mini laser engraver can be taken anywhere easily than the bigger one, and it is also cheaper and take little space, fast assemble.

DIY Laser Etching Machine

1. DIY laser etching machine can be used for personal DIY engraving ideas, make it reality.
2. LaserPecker L1 mini handheld laser engraving machine can be used for personal DIY engraving, the most difference from other engraving machine is flexibility.
3. Laserpecker L1 small delicate engraving machine has no limit for any engraved angle that you can choose vertical or horizontal engraving by this machine. It is safe for you can use a laser engraver shield to protect yourself.
4. It also has no limit for engraved object; no matter it is flat and curved objects.

Where to Buy Handheld Laser Engraver & Cutter

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Home Laser Etching Machine for Different Use

1. Laserpecker L1 mini laser engraver can engrave on many types of materials wood, paper, leather, food, etc.
2. Laserpecker L1 portable laser etching machine broke the traditional design concept of large equipment and provide an innovative developmental idea. Making the laser engraver can be firstly used as a handheld engraving machines