L1 Pro Laser Engraver (4)

With the development of  L1 in the Market, LaserPecker L1 get more feedbacks and reviews from customers.

Hearing and investigating with the customers requirements, we have developed an upgrade version,  LaserPecker L1 Pro, based on the L1,  which surprised laserpecker fans.

Upgraded Laserpecker compact laser engraver machine has high quality precise engraved result and has powerful image processing functions in LaserPecker App, providing better use experiences.

We also upgraded more gadgets, autofocusing stand can free your hands without using tripods, provide more convenient service with big bags, so our Laserpecker pro advanced portable engraver can be take anywhere, at the same time, protective shields support many persons exam the engraving process together to have a fun with partners.

L1 Pro Engraver for Sale


L1 Laserpecker Pro Specifications and Features

1. L1 laserpecker pro engraver with better accessories.

2. Laserpecker L1 pro has high quality engraved results than Laserpecker L1 laser engraver.

3. Autofocus Stand: this desktop laser engraving machine can auto adjust the best engraving height to engrave what you want without using tripod by manually.

4. Protective Shield: Laserpecker pro, the most advanced portable engraver, supports many persons clearly look through it, checking the process of engraving at the same time without wearing a pair of  protective glasses.

5. Big bags: all in one design make all the gadget in a bags and take it everywhere easily.

Where Can I Buy a Laserpecker Pro Deluxe Smart Laser Engraver?

Laserpecker is the best website you can think to get it.

What is the Best Portable Laser  Engraver for Beginners?

L1 Laserpecker pro laser engraver is the best laser engraver for beginners who do not need any skills. It can be easily used and uses just spend a little time to get it.

What is the Difference Between L1 Laser Engraver and L1 Pro Laser Engraver?

Laserpecker L1 pro has better and high precise engraved results than Laserpecker L1.
Laserpecker L1 pro has more accessories.