How to Use Laserpecker 2 Woodpecker Laser Engraver

Sep 7, 2022

I. Tips for using the woodpecker laser engraver

The principle of a blue laser is to burn with heat, the power is to adjust the temperature, and the depth is to adjust the burning time. Debugging the parameters of the woodpecker laser engraver requires a novice to accumulate experience, which may not be done overnight. It takes many trials to find the most ideal parameters. If you pursue the effect, you can repeat the engraving with low power and high depth; if you pursue speed, use high power and low depth; choose high power and low depth for dark colors; on the contrary, choose low power and high depth for light colors; it is recommended to add custom preset clouds Synchronization, to avoid the need to reset the preset in the case of reinstalling the APP, etc.

II. How to measure the exact focal length of a woodpecker laser engraver

The small laser printing machine is more sensitive to the focal length, especially for hard-to-cut materials such as metal. However, the focal length of the machine may not always be accurate at 110mm, which requires us to manually measure the actual focal length.

Use kraft paper to engrave your chosen pattern, the size is 90mm wide and 110mm high. If you are using kraft paper from the official material package or close to business card thickness, use 1K 20 40 for engraving; if you use kraft paper that is close to normal copy paper thickness, use 1K 20 15 for engraving; for intermediate thickness, use 1K 20 25 engravings.

Next, look at the engraving results and make adjustments according to the engraving results of the woodpecker laser engraver. If it is similar to the middle shallow, the height is increased by 1mm and then continue the engraving test; if it is similar to the edge shallow, the height is reduced by 1mm and then continue the engraving test; until the color of the entire picture is uniform. It should be noted that due to power attenuation, there is inevitably a shallow imprint at the four corners. If only the four corners are shallow during the test, it can be ignored.

III. How to use a woodpecker laser engraver to engrave buttons in batches

1. Use the Type-C cable to connect the batch engraving button to the host;

2. You can attach the batch engraving button to the circular position on the top of the host handle, and of course, other positions are also possible;

3. Turn on the "Key Switch" in the "Mode Settings" of the mobile app;

4. Preview: short press to start preview, short press or long press to end preview;

5. After the preview is over, long press to start engraving. Of course, you can directly start engraving without previewing by long pressing.

6. During the woodpecker laser engraver engraving process, short press to pause, short press again to continue;

7. During the engraving process of a woodpecker laser engraver, whether it is engraving or has been paused, long press to stop engraving. If you press and hold again to start a new engraving, it will not continue engraving.

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