The Basic Operation of Laserpecker 2 Woodpecker Laser Engraver

Sep 8, 2022

I. Basic operation of woodpecker laser engraver

Distance measurement: The woodpecker laser engraver body should maintain a distance of 110mm from the engraved object. You can use the wooden ruler provided or the L ruler on the bracket to complete the height measurement. The height of the protective cover is just 110mm, which is convenient for directly engraving very thin items. If the engraved object is relatively high, the protective cover needs to be raised.

Choose the picture and choose engraving mode: The APP of woodpecker laser engraver PRO supports five modes: printmaking, G-Code, black and white painting, grayscale painting, and seal, which can be selected according to the characteristics of the picture and the characteristics of the engraved object. For more complex photographic works, portraits, etc., it is recommended to use prints or grayscale images. If the outline is obvious and needs to be cut, use the G-Code mode. Black and white painting are used for fine brushwork, line drawing, animation, etc. The stamp mode will automatically reverse the engraved picture and convert it into the actual pattern required for the stamping process.

Retouching: There is a slider under the mode name to adjust the effect. iOS can view the retouching effect in real-time, and can crop the image, add text anywhere, erase the unwanted part of the image, and rotate. Adjusting the threshold can remove part of the watermark, and the blank part of the picture also occupies the engraving area. If you want the picture to be slightly larger on the limited engraved object, you can cut off the white edge in the woodpecker laser engraver APP.

II. Precautions for woodpecker laser engraver engraving

1. During the engraving process using a woodpecker laser engraver , the burning of the engraved object will produce smoke that interferes with the laser. A small fan is built into the protective cover to blow the smoke away.

2. In order to prevent the base of the woodpecker laser engraver from being burned, an iron plate can be used as a backing plate, and a strong magnet can be used to press the engraved object.

3. For the sake of safety, it is recommended to use the woodpecker laser engraver, a personal engraver, to wear glasses and observe the engraving process.

4. If there is a vibration or position change during the engraving process, it will automatically stop, which is still very safe.

5. The engraving speed of the woodpecker laser engraver depends on the size, complexity, pattern and material of the image.

6. The engraving process of woodpecker laser engraver will leave a layer of toner on the surface of the engraved object, which will be black when touched by hand, which will also affect the degree of delicacy to a certain extent. You can use electrostatic paper to wipe off the toner.

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