What Materials Are Suitable for Portable Laser Engraver?

Aug 4, 2022

1. The usefulness of portable laser engravers

The portable laser engraver is a technology used to leave marks, add symbols or add pictures on specific objects. It's a process that involves changing a chemical, or color, foaming or melting to give it a new texture or shape. In this method, the use of a fiber laser source is involved. The transmission of the laser light is all done with the help of high-speed galvanometers, which are used to mark specific objects.

2. Different materials suitable for portable laser engravers

There are various materials suitable for portable laser engraver:

Plastic: Plastic is the only material, all successfully engraved by laser. The range of plastics that can be passed through the portable laser engraver includes ABS, PBT, etc.

Metal: With the help of a laser machine, metals can also be engraved, these metals include ABS, PBT, and more. Laser engraving can be easily obtained on metals such as copper, aluminum, gold, silver, platinum, etc.

Jewelry: Fashion jewelry engraving is also one of the main engraving businesses of portable laser engravers. Including silver jewelry, nameplates, rings, jade, etc. You can even choose a mini hand-cranked laser engraver to engrave jewelry yourself at home.

Wood: The portable laser engraver like a handheld laser cutter for wood can also engrave wood. You can also carve puzzles, and set the difficulty you want. You can also etch round wooden beads with a portable laser cutter. In short, as long as it is an object carved from wood materials, it can be perfectly carved with a portable laser cutting machine.

3. Portable laser engravers in the jewelry design industry

As technology advances, laser marking is important in many applications, and here we have countless technologies that can use laser marking. The portable laser engraver is used in the jewelry design industry. With the help of machines, designs can be realized in an accurate way. All designs are made in such a way that no harm is done to the actual object. Designing anything on jewelry is a total time saver. Still, this is the best way to do it all on fragile components. It enables goldsmiths to use laser marking machines to add creative designs to jewelry. The end result of a jewelry piece is completely ultimate.

In the portable laser engraver method, the metal is first removed from the material. It lets the marker create and creates a depression on the surface of the object. Objects that can be laser engraved are plastic, stone, ceramic, and more. During the laser engraving process, when the laser strikes the metal, the metal first melts and evaporates. It also makes the object change its color, which makes it unique.

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