What Are the Advantages of Small Laser Engraving Machine? How to Choose?

Jun 2, 2022

As we all know, traditional engraving machines are very large and cumbersome to carry. However, now science and technology have been very developed, and small laser engraving machines have also been born. However, compared with traditional laser engraving machines, many people are still skeptical about small laser engraving machines, because they do not know what the effect will be or what benefits it can bring to themselves, so most people are waiting and watching. So is a small laser engraving machine worth it?

I. Is a small laser engraving machine worth buying?

1. It is easy to carry and solve some emergencies. In the past, if there was a problem with the engraving, I had to go back to the company to make it again, or have my colleagues deliver it, but either method was very troublesome and a waste of time. But since the appearance of the small laser engraving machine, this problem has been solved very well. You can take it with you when you go out to meet customers, so you don't need to worry about temporary problems, and you can modify it directly on site to avoid wasting time.

2. The function is not much different from the traditional engraving machine. Many people do not buy a small laser engraving machine, not because they do not need it, but because they are worried that the effect will not be good. According to market research, there is not much difference in function between small laser engraving machine and traditional engraving machine, and everyone can use it with confidence. There is no perfect equipment in the world, and the same is true for small laser engraving machines. Although all aspects are perfect, as an emergency equipment, small laser engraving machine cannot carry out some large-scale operations, which is limited by the size of the engraving machine and there is no way.

II. How to choose a small laser engraving machine?

1. Select the core parameters of the small laser engraving machine. There are many factors that affect the selection of the small laser printing machine. For example, it is necessary to find out what industry the engraving machine is used for, and choose whether to buy stone or wood or buy the engraving machine on the advertising media according to different industries. Secondly, another key factor is that when the small laser engraving machine is in use, the engraving head motor is relatively long-lasting because of the workload and working time. At the same time, for different engraving objects, what is the adjustment range of the engraving head parameters such as the rotational speed, these are all It is more important, therefore, the parameter quality of the engraving motor cannot be ignored when selecting.

2. Other factors related to the selection of small laser engraving machines. In addition to paying attention to the core purchase factors, other factors of the engraving machine also need attention. For example, whether the process quality of the small laser engraving machine is stable or not, and the guide rail parameters of the engraving machine can also be asked by the manufacturer to provide more detailed parameters in order to judge whether it is suitable. Before purchasing, fully consider the use of the engraving machine in the future, which is conducive to choosing a small laser engraving machine with more suitable power.

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