Stamp Engraving with a Small Laser Engraving Machine

Sep 6, 2022

In this personalized economic era, customization has become an economic system. The small laser engraving machine has become the operating tool of this system.

1. Small laser engraving machine seal engraving

Traditional seal carvings use wood carvings or jade carvings. A seal carving with exquisite carvings and excellent materials is also a symbol of identity.

But not everyone is an artist, and not everyone uses a stamp to engrave their own artistic name. Now stamps are becoming more and more market-oriented, and even some children's toy stamps can be engraved in the form of engraving, but the simple engraving is engraved using a small laser engraving machine, not a small laser engraving machine. Use expensive handwork. Because it is mass-produced, the use of manual work is not only a waste of craftsmanship but also time-consuming and expensive. Therefore there are many hand held engraver for sale online.

But now in order to save natural resources, materials such as hard glue and rubber are used as the bottom of the stamp, and then a small laser engraving machine is used for engraving. This is the case with the official articles of many units. And more use of this rubber stamp is toys and the like. Of course, many stamp toys are also made of paper and wood. If the material is hard, it can also be engraved with a small laser engraving machine, and the imprint is relatively clear.

2. Small laser engraving machine to carve umbrellas

Umbrellas are commonly used tools in summer, and personalized carving is vividly displayed in the accessories of plastic umbrellas. After repeated research by the customizer, this accessory needs a new machine to match the customized effect. Because it is only engraving the name, there is no need to choose an expensive machine, and the cost performance is particularly important. The small laser engraving machine has become the first choice for customizers to engrave plastic umbrella accessories, because the price is more suitable, and compared with the profit of mass customization, this machine can bring a considerable return to the customizer. The small laser engraving machine is still very fast in engraving the name. If it is only engraving the name, it is usually 10~30 seconds. Therefore, in terms of the engraving volume, there are still quite a lot of custom plastic umbrella accessories produced every day. We assume that the engraving speed of a plastic umbrella fitting is 30 seconds (we say according to the slowest speed), and engraving is 10 hours a day, then the output per day is about 1200. In order to ensure the uniformity of quality and speed, the output of 1200 is already a lot.

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