Personalize with Small Laser Engraving Machine

Sep 7, 2022

The current era is getting younger and younger. When talking about it, everyone has different preferences for themselves. It can be said that the personalized needs of the post-00s are just like their age. They like small jewelry, they like to wear beautiful dog tags on their dogs, and they like to engrave their phone case chargers with their favorite patterns. And this is the most potential consumer group in the market now. And the small laser engraving machine is a machine that can satisfy the personalized desire of this young group.

1. The engraving material of a small laser engraving machine is wide

The small laser engraving machine has the advantages of fast engraving speed, wide engraving material and small footprint. The speed can reach the second speed, what is the concept of the second speed? To give an interesting example, when you are going to take a camera with a mobile phone, you use a small personal engraver to engrave 3 letters. As a result, your camera button may not be pressed, and an engraving has been completed.

The small laser engraving machine occupies a small area, and the small laser engraving machine engraves a wide range of materials, which can engrave metal, leather, plastic, etc. Compared with ordinary engraving machines that can only engrave metal, a small laser engraving machine can be said to expand the range of engraving materials that can be engraved by the engraving machine and increase the selectivity of customisers. Especially for metal materials, small laser engraving machines are more popular. For example, the engraving of Coke bottles and the engraving of metal plates.

2. The role of a small laser engraving machine is very extensive

The small laser engraving machine can engrave a variety of non-metallic materials including wine bottles. Wine bottle packaging (wooden box) marking, craft gift marking, ceramic marking, non-woven cutting, shell nameplate marking, wood product marking, leather marking, stainless steel tag (with lacquer), etc. There are also small laser engraving machines that are specially used to engrave metal products. For example, titanium steel, iron, aluminum, etc. can use a small laser engraving machine.

The depth of the small laser engraving machine on the marked product is relatively shallow, and all the engraving marks stay on the surface. But the accuracy and quality of marking are relatively reliable. Because of this marking effect, it means that the power of our small laser engraving machine will not have hundreds of marking power like the large marking machine.

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