How to Engrave a Photosensitive Stamp Using a Laser Woodpecker

Sep 8, 2022

I. Know the laser engraver machine

A laser engraver machine, as the name suggests, is advanced equipment that uses lasers to engrave materials that need to be engraved. The laser engraver machine is different from the mechanical engraving machine and other traditional manual engraving methods. The mechanical engraving machine uses mechanical means, such as diamonds and other extremely hard materials to engrave other things.

II. Use the woodpecker laser engraver to engrave photosensitive seals

Preparation materials: photosensitive pad, it is recommended to use a gold-printed photosensitive pad, and you can judge whether you need a matching handle or shell according to your needs. For photosensitive ink, only photosensitive ink can be used. Other inks will cause the photosensitive pad to be blocked and cannot be used.

Operation steps of laser engraver machine:

1. Select the picture, the precision of the photosensitive stamp is lower than that of kraft paper and other materials and its size is small, so the pattern should not be too complicated or the lines are too thin, the convex pattern should be black or red in the pattern part, and the concave pattern should be black or black in the background part. red etc.

2. For engraving and repairing, use the stamp mode in the portable laser engraver machine APP directly, and the APP will automatically flip and reverse. The characteristic of the photosensitive seal is to use the laser to burn the parts that will not be printed, and it does not need to be deeply engraved. Use the woodpecker laser engraver with the following parameters (L1 5 5/L1P 5 75/L2 1K 15 10/L2 2K 10 10), it is a fine choice After careful selection of various parameter combinations, the best results are selected.

When previewing the frame, make sure that the light spot has just left the pad, so as to ensure that the entire pad is engraved. If there is a missing engraving, the edge will not be engraved, which will affect the effect when stamping. When retouching, you can add a small circle of blank (convex pattern) or a small circle of black or red (concave pattern) to avoid missing engraving. Parts not engraved by a woodpecker laser pro engraver can also be printed with the main image, so be careful. If the engraving has been missed, you can re-engrave a small rectangle of appropriate size for the defective part. The cushion will not look good in the engraved part, but it will not affect the stamping effect.

3. Spread oil, use photosensitive printing oil to evenly drop on the light gray part of the surface of the mat that has not been burned by the woodpecker laser engraver. After a while, the ink has penetrated into the pad, and the remaining ink on the surface can be wiped off with paper. Be careful to add a small amount. Immortal ink for non-absorbent materials such as metal glass needs to be applied and used immediately, and should not be poured into the mat in advance. It should be noted that the ink filled in the photosensitive pad cannot be changed in color, and it is easy to mix colors.

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