Application of Laser Engraver Machine in Textile Fabrics

May 8, 2022

1. Learn about the laser engraver machine

A laser engraver machine, as the name suggests, is a piece of advanced equipment that uses the laser to engrave the materials that need to be engraved. Laser engraver machines are different from mechanical engraving machines and other traditional manual engraving methods. Mechanical engraving machines use mechanical means, such as diamonds and other extremely hard materials, to engrave other things.

2. The application of laser engraver machine in fabrics

The principle of art finishing of laser engraver machine is to use the computer for pattern design and typesetting and make PLT or BMP files, and then use CO2 laser engraver machine to make the laser beam of CO2 laser engraver machine follow the computer typesetting instructions and carry out high-temperature etching on the surface of clothing fabrics. In the process, the yarns in the high-temperature etched parts are ablated and the dyes are vaporized to form etchings of different depths, resulting in patterns or other washing and finishing effects. These patterns can also be modified with embroidery, sequins, ironing, metal accessories, and other materials to enhance the artistic effect.

Use laser engraver machine technology to carry out artistic design on denim fabrics, and create artistic pictures on the fabrics. These pictures can contain text, numbers, slides, symbols, and impressions. It can also be cut by the laser engraver machine to produce monkey wash, cat whiskers, ragged, worn, and other effects.

The textile industry is traditional and large. Continuously using high technology to connect with traditional industries is an important way to improve the skill content of traditional industrial commodities.

Clothing fabrics can be finished by dyeing and printing techniques, and good wearing effects and aesthetic effects can be obtained. Traditional clothing fabrics with artistic patterns are mainly processed through a variety of printing and dyeing techniques, so that different dyes are colored on the fibers of the fabric through print versions to form patterns. In addition, there are other chemical methods or thermal transfer, digital spray printing to form patterns of clothing fabrics. However, most of them are traditional printing methods of textile fabrics. The production process is long, the pattern is single, and the changing procedures are complicated. The production process involves more environmental restrictions. Especially the growing demand for personalized artistic effects of clothing fabrics cannot be satisfied. Given the disadvantages of traditional finishing technology, the use of laser engraver machine technology and computer-aided design technology to artistically process denim fabrics and give them special printing effects has important promotion value.

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