A Small Laser Engraving Machine Realizes Private Customization

Sep 11, 2022

"Street stall economy" has become the focus of attention nowadays. Regarding the outbreak of the street stall economy, various private editions of how to set up a street stall to get rich have been spread on the Internet, and many people have also come up with the idea of setting up a street stall to do a small business. It may be more than your usual work income. Some people set up stalls to sell barbecues, some set up stalls to sell mobile phone accessories, these are too many people to compete, while the use of small laser engraving machines to engrave and engrave portraits on various living objects is less competitive.

1. Know the laser engraver machine

A laser engraver machine is an advanced piece of equipment that uses the laser to engrave materials that need to be engraved. The laser engraver machine is different from the mechanical engraving machine and other traditional manual engraving methods. The mechanical engraving machine uses mechanical means, such as diamonds and other extremely hard materials to engrave other things. The laser engraver machine uses the thermal energy of the laser to engrave the material, and the laser in the laser engraver machine is its core.

2. Use a small laser engraving machine to realize private customization

Car keys, mobile phone cases, thermos cups, watches, rings, necklaces, Coke bottles, temporary parking signs, lunch boxes, etc. These commonly used objects in life can be engraved with names, portraits, logos, mobile phone numbers, etc. with a small laser printing machine. Like a car key, engraved with a contact number, even if it is lost, it may be retrieved. In the era of personalized customization, many people like to put their own imprint on their favorite items or buy items with their own exclusive imprint directly. Personal customization is possible with a convenient small laser engraving machine. The unit price is low, innovative and meaningful, and meets the needs of the market.

The characteristics of a small laser engraving machine are low price, small size, portable, without any consumables, directly engraving and cutting through laser, can realize arbitrary engraving such as pattern, text, personal design drawing, etc., the operation is extremely simple and convenient, everyone can use, no need It is a high-tech product in the new era to learn complex hand-carving techniques without complex programming techniques, and only need to learn simple graphic editing for complete operation!

Under the circumstance that the economy is in urgent need of recovery, the vitality of the stalled economy can effectively stimulate domestic demand. After all, the biggest feature of the street stall economy, is what street stalls sell. The sale is convenient and affordable. Small laser engraving machine has a low-cost investment, differentiated competition, and sells together with some accessories such as mobile phones. In addition to the engraving revenue, there is also an additional revenue from the sales of accessories, killing two birds with one stone.

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