A Portable Laser Engraver Makes Everything Print Your Unique Logo

Aug 4, 2022

1. The emergence of portable laser engravers

When it comes to laser engraving, what comes to your mind? Huge machines? Expensive costs? In short, it should only exist in factories, not for ordinary people like us. If you know a little more about laser engraving, you'll also know that its slow engraving speed and lack of ability to do the precise work needed to do surfaces and spheres make it impractical for many everyday applications.

However, the appearance of a portable laser engraver like a hand held metal engraver is to break all "you think" and solve all the above problems. It redefines powerful and user-friendly laser engraving, making all laser creation simple, safe, and fun.

2. What are the advantages of a portable laser engraver?

(1) Make engraving no longer limited

With the help of a portable laser engraver, you can unleash your creativity. As long as you design your own unique logo, or upload any image, a portable laser engraver can help you realize your idea. From metal to cardboard, leather to food, on flat surfaces or spheres, there is nothing stopping you from realizing your engraving ideas with a portable laser engraver.

(2) Not afraid of any surface

The unique 20K fast laser galvanometer-based scanner and up to 5,000mW of laser power allow you to engrave on any surface with a perfect resolution of 4K/813DPI, making your creativity clearer.

Its biggest feature is that it can engrave any image on any material, including metal, stone, wood, leather, plastic, food, cardboard, and felt, even on cylindrical and spherical surfaces, up to a maximum engraving thickness of 6 mm.


(3) Hand-held size

As a portable laser engraver, you can put it in your pocket or backpack, whether in school, office, or at home, as long as you can give it a flat surface, you can put your own creativity anytime, anywhere become reality~

(4) Fourth axis engraving expert

The portable laser engraver will not let curved objects limit your creativity. It is equipped with a metal hinge. You only need to put the cylinder or sphere on the metal hinge. As the fourth axis engraving expert, the portable laser engraver can perfectly Unleash your imagination on the cylinder!

(5) Make creation easy

Although the portable laser engraver is powerful, you can't draw or design? Don't worry, another advantage of a portable laser engraver is that it is very easy to use. With a mobile phone or a computer, you just wait for your creativity to show up in front of you.

As a beginner-friendly laser engraver, you just need to connect the portable laser engraver to Wi-Fi, take pictures with your smartphone, or drag and drop files from your computer. By using the preview mode, you can easily adjust the size, position and angle of the image until you are satisfied.

Safety and environmental protection: The biggest advantage of portable laser engraver's laser engraving technology is that the machine is safe and has no impact on the environment. In addition, the operator is not exposed to any threats or negative health effects. Laser technology equipment does not use any hazardous consumables and therefore does not emit toxic substances into the surrounding atmosphere.

As a laser engraving machine beyond your imagination, a portable laser engraver can complete almost any of your engraving ideas, coasters, name tags, badges, and even your high heels, all are not a problem. It only takes tens of seconds to minutes, portable laser engraver can turn your creativity into reality and show it in front of your eyes.

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