Why Use A Portable Laser Marking Machine?

Mar 1, 2022

1. Why use a portable laser marker?

The portable laser marker is also called a handheld laser marking machine. The whole machine is small in size, simple in operation, compact in structure, stable in performance, high in space utilization, low in cost, long in service life, low in energy consumption, and economical in use. Therefore, portable laser marking machines are very popular among users.

2. What are the advantages of the portable laser marker?

(1) Personalized customization: One advantage of the portable laser marking machine is that it can process customized marking. These patterns can be used in many ways, a beautiful and unique pattern can be finely marked on metal materials, and a lot of manufacturing work can be done. No matter how you use it, the portable laser marking machine allows you to engrave anytime and anywhere without the need for cumbersome engraving.

(2) High-speed marking: With the new laser technology, the portable laser marking machine enables companies to quickly and accurately engrave products in a short time. Machine training is simple, especially with useful software, you can easily create the required patterns and signatures. The template is able to create the same mark, so that any number of products can have the same logo. If you need to mark multiple products in a short time, heat marking can work perfectly.

(3) Air-cooled heat dissipation, multi-dimensional processing: The small portable laser printing machine can cope with the harsh working environment, and has high resistance to dust, vibration, shock, humidity and temperature. There is no need for thermoelectric cooling and water cooling, only simple air cooling. The fiber output enables the laser to be applied in various multi-dimensional and arbitrary space processing, leading to the simple design of the mechanical system.

(4) Non-contact marking with high precision: The portable laser marking machine process products by laser, and there is no processing force, no contact, no cutting force, no heat between the workpieces, at the same time the workpiece precision is high. Moreover, it has a high availability of materials for it can engrave finely on the surface of various materials, and has long durability.

(5) Flexible processing: The portable laser mark can well control the space and time of the laser and are available to process materials with various shapes and sizes in various environments, which is perfectly suitable for automatic processing and special surface processing. The portable laser marking machine has high flexibility in processing and can meet the requirements of industrialized mass production.

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