What Are the Common Applications of Laser Engraver Machine?

Mar 7, 2022

1. About laser engraver machine

The reason why laser engraving technology can be widely used in various fields is closely related to its advantages. The scanning speed of the laser engraver machine is extremely fast, and the processing plane is exquisite. The laser engraving machine is suitable for scanning bamboo slips, crystals, flat glass, glass wine bottles, two-color plates, acrylic, coated paper, leather and other objects, and achieving two-dimensional processing of characters, text, images, etc. It can also be applied in cutting acrylic materials with smooth edges. Meanwhile, it is able to skip the post-processing of polishing and do the internal engraving in the crystal, purple sand pot engraving, and cylinder three-dimensional scanning. The laser engraver machine saves both time and manpower more than other engraving techniques.

In the operation, good accessories can ensure safety. For example, laserpecker safety shield can be a good choice.

2. Common applications of laser engraver machine

There are many applications for laser engraver machine, including:

(1) Model making: making sand table models, house models, etc.

(2) Footwear: individual processing of shoe uppers.

(3) Jewelry decoration industry: fine carving of jewelry, carving of decorative products.

(4) Trademark: production of various employee badges, various house plates, and signboards.

(5) Advertisement and gift production industry: carving all kinds of two-color board signs, plexiglass, Vante's stone doorplates, three-dimensional signboards, decorative gifts, light boxes, two-color statues, embossed medals, wall-mounted lamp houses, light guide plate carved lamp houses , organic board embossed three-dimensional door head, etc.

(6) Wood: character sketch and portrait carving, relief pattern design and production.

(7) Mold industry: engraving button and embossing molds, injection molds, blow molds, stamping molds, glasses molds, etc.

(8) Seal industry: seal engraving of various fonts and materials.

3. Benefits of small laser engravers

Small laser engraving machine is an engraving equipment that occupies a small space and can be easily transported from one place to another. It is an efficient machine that can carry out missions without touching objects. The working principle of the laser beam is to focus the thermal energy at a specific location to melt the surface of the object. One of the main advantages of the small laser engraving machine is the improvement of work quality and accuracy.

The small laser engraver performs cutting and marking processes without direct contact with the object, eliminating potential contamination. These small laser engraving machines can be applid in various fields and provide users with flexibility. In addition, the small laser engraving machine can follow the correct instructions and repeat the work without difficulty. Today, automatic laser engraving tools can be used to minimize the employment of labor and save a lot of money. Besides, it can easily process metal, plastic, wood and even paper, depending on the power of your machine.

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