The Processing Principle and Advantages of Wood Laser Engraving Machine

Mar 8, 2022

Laser and engraving machines can engrave different patterns on leather, hardware, wood products, paper products, bamboo, plastic products and other materials. It performs fast and effectively, especially for wood products. The timber laser engraving machine is non-contact with the material, so there is no tool loss of traditional engraving, and at the same time reduces the potential substandard products of traditional engraving.

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1. Principles of timber laser engraving machine processing

Laser engraving is based on numerical control technology, laser as the processing medium. The processed material instantly melted and vaporized by laser irradiation gets physically denatured to achieve the processing. Laser engraving machine engraves products by laser beam, which belongs to non-contact processing. Non-contact laser engraving processing can effectively avoid the problem of mechanical extrusion and deformation of some processed wood products. By local irradiation of the workpiece, the high-energy density laser makes the surface material vaporize rapidly, thereby reaching the engraving and cutting effect. Since the laser beam spot is small and can be set as small as 0.01mm, the heat affected area is also small which leads to a fine engraving processing. Moreover, timber laser engraving machine has low energy consumption and high efficiency.

The laser engraving machine applies in the processing of woodwork, most of which are carved wood gifts such as seals, wood carvings, wooden boxes, and pendants. The personalization of the gift industry is becoming more and more demanding in terms of quality, which also leads to high requirements for the processing of wood laser engraving machines.

2. Advantages of timber laser engraving machine

(1) Fast engraving: The dedicated small wood engraver can engrave any pattern, even for complex patterns. Laser engraving is faster than traditional mechanical engraving, and it has advantage of accurate processing and high efficiency.

(2) Low energy consumption: Laser engraving machine will not consume or damage any material, it only needs a small part of electricity. Laser engraving machine processing has the advantage of low energy consumption.

(3) Environmental protection: Timber laser engraving machine requires no chemical reagents when engraving, so there will be no chemical effects, no materials that pollute the environment. It is very environmentally friendly and energy-saving.

(4) Stability and long lifespan: The current laser engraving processing equipment is getting smaller and smaller, and the operation is simple and convenient, which means there is no need to equip a technician. And the machine has the properties of stable performance, high integration, long durability and zero maintenance cost.

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