Advantages and Applications of Small Laser Marking Machine

Feb 22, 2022

As the name implies, the new small laser marking machine is compact and portable. It can be used in small spaces for marking operations. In addition to being portable, the small laser marking machine has many other advantages.

1. Advantages of small laser marking machine

(1) Good tag effect. Small laser etcher uses laser beams to operate, which is a non-contact marking operation. It will not damage workpieces during the marking process and the text pattern is clear and beautiful. You can also use the laser marking machine to process the product at will.

(2) Fast marking speed. The use of the small laser marking machine for marking can greatly improve the marking speed, whether in the automotive industry, the electronics industry, or other industries. It improves the pipeline production system of modern industries and makes huge progress in productivity.

(3) Anti-counterfeiting marks. The Small laser marking machine trademark has strong anti-counterfeiting performance. It has the characteristics of waterproof, fireproof, anticorrosive and antirust. Automobile nameplates marked with a small laser marking machine are not easy to erase. You can look up car information and track it through its nameplate.

(4) Wide marking range. The small laser marking machine with a wide range of applications can mark most materials and most configurations and can meet the needs of most companies.

2. Small laser marking machine is used in cable marking

In our life, it can be said that cables are omnipresent and become an indispensable part of our life, such as information and power transmission. There are many types of cables with different functions, so the information marking of the cables becomes particularly important.

Traditional cable information marking uses ink printing, which is easy to fade or oxidize over time. However, the cable wire generally has a long life cycle of decades. Long-term exposure to air or electric wells will damage the ink markers, resulting in missing information. However, the laser marking machine can solve this problem. Use a hand held etching machine for information marking on the cable to achieve permanent marking. The high-energy laser beam output by the laser produces a light-burning effect on the surface of the wire, which can be considered as a trace engraved by the laser. Laser marking will not cause damage to the inside of the material, and the marking is permanent and will never fade, which perfectly solves the shortcomings of ink jet coding.

The application of small laser marking machine is quite wide, and it can carry out exquisite marking on various metals, plastics, woods and many other materials. Moreover, it has high marking efficiency and simple operation, which is an indispensable marking equipment for modern production.

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